Our sincerest apologies... Better communication starts today!

Hi Dope Scrubs Fam!

We'd like to start by apologizing for recent order delays and our failure to adequately communicate over the last couple of weeks. We understand how frustrating this is for you, our valued customers. Despite several factors beyond our control contributing to the recent issues, we take full responsibility for the failures on our part. We are making a promise that moving forward communication will improve. We've notice that emails tend to get lost and overlooked, so in an effort to improve transparency and communication we created the Dope Scrubs News & Updates Blog. This blog will be updated on at least a weekly basis. Here you will have access to general updates regarding orders, products, shipments, manufacturing, as well as company updates that we feel are essential to our Dope Scrubs Fam. Specific order related questions and concerns should be directed to our customer service team via the help desk icon on the home page, email, or phone (texts preferred).

We hope that the introduction of Dope Scrubs News & Updates will improve communication and put our customers at more ease.

We are grateful for all of your support and patronage!


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