About Our Brand





Created by a Nurse Practitioner, Dope Scrubs were designed with the purpose of allowing medical professionals to remain stylish and expressive through their attire without sacrificing function or comfort. 


"The idea for Dope Scrubs came about after many years of working in nursing management then transitioning into the role of a Nurse Practitioner. Both roles required business casual attire which took time to put together every morning. I wanted a more convenient option for my everyday work attire that still met the requirement for business casual. I couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere! I wanted a combination of edgy and chic but still professional and functional... After searching to no avail, I decided to create them."

-Eniola, Dope Scrubs CEO & Founder 

  Dope Scrubs combine the convenience of scrubs with the elegance of business attire, taking the hassle out of the morning routine of medical professionals. Our scrubs are refined enough for an interview or meeting while simultaneously maintaining practicality for everyday on the job tasks. 

Dope Scrubs are revolutionizing medical scrubs and the appearance  of medical professionals everywhere. 



Quality Material
Made with a high quality fabric blend of polyester, spandex and rayon. Dope Scrubs are soft, durable, wrinkle resistant, and breathable with just the right amount of stretch. The fabric is pre-shrunk to maintain the amazing fit of our scrubs without the fear of shrinkage over time.

Innovative Designs

"Revolutionizing the appearance of medical professionals", our scrubs do just that! Dope Scrubs is where fashion and medicine meet. The most unique, innovative, and modern scrubs on the market. Each style takes months to perfect. They are hand sketched and customized for optimum fit, comfort, and function.

Express Yourself

Your work attire shouldn't limit your ability to express yourself. Our scrubs come in a wide variety of styles that allow you to remain functional and comfortable without sacrificing your personal style.